Guardian Technologies & Security designs and installs home theaters, lighting control, audio, video, surveillance, security monitoring and home automation systems. Our exceptional product lines, combined with our highly experienced and talented personnel, allow us to design and deliver the system of your dreams. From a single family room media system, to a state-of-the-art, fully automated home, we can provide you with a simple, attractive, and reliable system that will accentuate your home’s décor. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most secure residential or commercial solution to enhance your life, work, and play through the innovative use of technology

Home Automation

Raise your home’s IQ with Smart Home Technology!

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. Now you can control nearly every electronic device in your home with smart home automation. Hire Guardian Technologies and Security to make it happen.

Our home automation services make it easy for you to get the most out of your technology. We can set up a system that integrates your lights, entertainment center, thermostat and more. Then, we’ll show you how to control them all with the push of a button or a single voice command.

Change the way you control your electronics. Talk to us today to get started with setting up your smart home.

Home Audio & Video

You want a new, high-definition TV in your home but don’t want the stress of mounting it and hiding all the cords. No worries! Guardian Technologies and Security provides professional TV installation and can install and recommend the best audio to fit your cinematic needs!

  • Masterful sonic solutions for surround sound and 2-channel audio
  • High-performance audio provides commanding power and clarity
  • Calibrate each speaker to the room and your preferences

Security & Surveillance

Watch over your home or business from anywhere!

 It’s hard to keep your home or business safe 24/7 if you can’t see what’s going on around your property. If you have a security camera system in place, it could deter criminals from causing trouble and can assist you in recovery if something were to happen.

Guardian Technologies and Security can install a video surveillance system at your home or business to help ease your mind. Our cameras can be set up to record every inch of your property so you can see everything. Real-time monitoring makes it easy to see what’s going on at any time from any internet-connected device.

Install a video surveillance system that keeps you in the loop at all times day and night!

Lighting Controls

Lights up your home or office with a touch of a button or create moods for the time of the day!

Using Control4 Smart Lighting, Guardian Technologies and Security provides a perfect extension to any custom home or office. Controlled lighting integrates seamlessly with your security system to have a scheduled light while you are home or away. Your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to simulate occupancy inside of your home while you’re away. All interior and exterior lights can also flash repeatedly if an alarm is triggered, alerting neighbors or authorities of unusual activity or unauthorized access to your home


High-Speed, reliable networking infrastructure ensures you are always up and connected!

Guardian Technologies and Security will easily manage traffic for AV, security, phone and control systems. Using CAT6 and fiber wiring providing the backbone for today and tomorrow.

High-performance access points, routers and switches boost security and allows Wired and Wireless connectivity for all the devices throughout your property keeping everyone happy!

Whole-Home Audio

High-Precision Sound Played Anywhere, At Any Time

Integrated with automation you get Instant access to your music collection at the press of a button

In-ceiling, in-wall and bookshelf speakers blend with décor for a discreet and aesthetic look to your home.

Home Theater

Your very own private cinema awaits with world-class solutions for a vivid picture, immersive surround sound, dynamic lighting, luxury seating and intuitive one-touch controls. Curate an experience that far exceeds your local theater while you enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying in your home.

Landscape Audio

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With High-Performance AV. Take your favorite music, movies and sports outdoors. Guardian Technologies and Security will install High-performance speakers and TVs overcome noise and glare.

Elegant landscape lighting extends the fun beyond sunset